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Activated Charcoal Hockey Puck Soap - Unscented and Ideal for Faces

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Natural skin care enthusiasts: If you're looking for a simple but powerful facial cleansing bar, this is it.

Goth subculturists: This is the blackest shade of black you'll find in a bar of soap. It's as black as your soul.

Activated charcoal enthusiasts: You probably already know about how this ingredient helps balance and purify skin, among its many other benefits. You want this.

And now, hockey fans: You'll appreciate these, too!

Regardless of the reason why you're reading this, our activated charcoal bars get the job done. The simple combination of our cold process glycerine soap base and activated charcoal removes dirt and oil gently from pores and helps maintain skin balance. Since we don't add anything else to it — no fragrance, no other additives, no nothing — this bar is ideal for faces. But if you're into bathing with a bar of black all over your body, that's cool too. 

All ingredients 100% vegan.

Scent profile: Unscented, but has a semi-sweet smell to it from the glycerine in the soap base.

Ingredients: Low sweat cold process glycerine soap base, activated charcoal.

Measurements: 3" x 3" x 1.25"

Weight: 5 oz.