About Us

My journey into creating handmade bath and body products began in 2015, when my husband and I were starting a new chapter of our lives in the Southwest. I was looking for ways we could save money as we got settled in our new corner of the world, and it occurred to me that I could make our bath products at a fraction of the cost of what we were buying at stores. I researched recipes I found online, tried a couple, and started modifying them as I learned what worked and what didn’t.

In the course of this experimentation, I started sharing my finished products with friends and family. They gave me valuable feedback that helped me refine my recipes even more, and much of what my products have developed into today is largely thanks to them.

This process taught me a few valuable things:

  • Making things by hand was downright therapeutic for me, and I loved it.
  • The vast world of bath and body products opened a whole new creative door for me, which I desperately needed.
  • If I worked really hard at it, maybe I could do this for a living.

And thus, I took the plunge and officially opened Char’s Golden Goods on March 3, 2017. I’ve been living happily and handmade ever after since.